Yoo Ah-in issues first public apology amid ongoing drug scandal

Yoo Ah-in issues first public apology amid ongoing drug scandalYoo Ah-in issues first public apology amid ongoing drug scandal
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South Korean actor Yoo Ah-in issued an apology on social media a day after he was questioned by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency over allegations of habitual drug use.
Yoo tested positive for cocaine, ketamine, marijuana and propofol in February and March.
Although the questioning lasted about 12 hours, police officials reported that they will need more time and are considering applying for an arrest warrant for Yoo in order to proceed with the investigation without daily time restrictions.
Yoo spoke briefly with the press outside the police station after the questioning, saying, “I deeply reflect on the fact that I have disappointed so many people who have given me love due to my actions.”
The following day, Yoo posted a long apology in Korean on Instagram, expressing regret for not providing a longer statement to the press on Monday. 
The full letter read:

This is Yoo Ah-in.

I made an insufficient apology following the police investigation yesterday. I want to apologize once again for disappointing all those who have cared for and loved me with this shameful incident. 

I am sorry. 

I also want to express my feelings toward the people I didn’t address yesterday: those who have worked with me on movies, plays, advertisements and other precious work. I deeply reflect on the moments when I shouldered heavy responsibilities irresponsibly, and I am deeply sorry for the harm I have caused many colleagues and those working hard to reach their precious dreams and goals. I will do my best to fulfill my responsibilities. 

Many people have supported me and given me endless encouragement and love, and I feel greatly embarrassed and ashamed that I continued to harm myself as I continued my career as an actor. I’ve hurt many people because of my mistake. I am sorry.

During the outbreak of the incident and with sufficient reflection, I realized that I could not conceal my wrongdoings with any excuse. The self-rationalization I used was wrong, and ultimately can never cover up my foolish choices. 

I will participate diligently in future investigations and will accept all criticisms and legal punishments.

Once again, I deeply apologize.

I am sorry.

Since allegations of Yoo’s drug use surfaced, the actor has been dropped by multiple brands and projects — most notably Netflix’s “Hellbound.” 
Netflix also announced Monday that it will postpone the release of two projects featuring Yoo: “The Match,” an original film about Go players starring Lee Byun-hun, and “Goodbye Earth,” an upcoming drama about people dealing with Earth’s imminent destruction due to an asteroid. 
Both projects have already completed filming and their release dates will be announced at a later date, a representative for Netflix said.
Local media reports have also taken note of Yoo’s legal defense team, which is made up of a number of former prosecutors. 
Of these former prosecutors, one holds extensive experience working on drug-related cases for the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, and two previously worked at Kim & Chang, one of South Korea’s largest law firms.
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