TikToker reveals features of a ‘rich face’ in China

TikToker reveals features of a ‘rich face’ in ChinaTikToker reveals features of a ‘rich face’ in China
via @vc.mei / TikTok
A TikTok user has ignited discussions after posting a video of herself identifying facial features that make a person “rich” in China.
What she’s saying: In the TikTok video posted on Dec. 17, 2023, user @vc.mei, or Victoria, who describes herself as “a Chinese girl in America,” reveals five characteristics of a “rich face” in China. She says it starts with a smooth, round, prominent and wide forehead without any lines, blemishes, moles or spots.
The next feature she notes about are the eyes, which should be shining and slightly moist with arched, well-trimmed eyebrows, indicating “good health and prosperity.”
For the third and fourth points, Victoria stresses that one should have a rounder, “flashier” nose that looks balanced and smooth, followed by plumper, fuller, rosy lips.
Finally, she says that a “rich face” has a double chin, which supposedly promises “great fortune.”
The big picture: While Chinese people can use different words to describe what makes a “rich face,” there appears to be a general consensus. One Chinese media column notes that a “rich face” features rounded edges, a “full” forehead, big and bright eyes, a broader nose and a rounded chin.
Reactions: Victoria’s TikTok video has drawn a variety of reactions. One user said they finally found out why their former co-worker was so “obsessed” with their “big, smooth and clean forehead.”
Others were more fixated with Victoria’s mention of double chin. “So my double chin is good in some ways,” one wrote.
Still, some appeared triggered by their newfound knowledge. “Girl just mention all of our insecurities,” one commented.
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