Watch: Waitress in China goes viral for her robotic-like movements

Watch: Waitress in China goes viral for her robotic-like movementsWatch: Waitress in China goes viral for her robotic-like movements
via South China Morning Post
Videos of a waitress in China with robotic-like movements have gone viral on social media.
The viral videos: In one of the videos reposted on TikTok, the woman, surnamed Qin, can be seen dressed in a white dress and leggings and knee-high silver boots to look like a humanoid robot. Qin, with her hair tied back, then moves in robotic-like movements as she serves a bowl of food to the customer.
In other videos, Qin can also be seen wearing regular clothing as she welcomes customers, plays rock, paper, scissors with a man, serves food and pours drinks.
About Qin: According to the South China Morning Post, Qin is the owner of a hotpot restaurant in Chongqing. She is also a professional street dancer, who practices her dance moves in the eatery. 
Reactions: The viral videos have sparked an online debate, with some viewers arguing whether or not Qin is an actual humanoid robot.
“I couldn’t tell if it’s a real human or robot,” one person tweeted.
“Is she a robot or a real person? I’ve been watching her videos for a while and still can’t tell,” another commented on TikTok. 
China’s humanoid robots: Robot or not, there are a growing number of humanoid robots in China as the nation has ambitious plans to mass-produce “advanced level” robots by 2025, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
In fact, the trend of robot servers is already in use in some U.S. and Korean restaurants. The rise of robots in the service industry is seen as a solution to labor shortages and operational challenges. 
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