Netflix unveils Korean reality show lineup for 2023

Netflix unveils Korean reality show lineup for 2023Netflix unveils Korean reality show lineup for 2023
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Netflix has unveiled its lineup of unscripted Korean reality show content for 2023, including a third season of its hit dating series “Single’s Inferno.”
Following the release of popular athletic competition show “Physical: 100” on Jan. 24, Netflix subscribers can expect the arrival of at least six other engaging reality series.
In addition to “Physical: 100” and “Single’s Inferno,” the new shows are as follows:
“Siren: Survive the Island”
“Siren: Survive the Island” is a combat survival entertainment show featuring 24 women who work as police officers, firefighters, and athletes, among other careers. Over six nights and seven days, these women of different backgrounds will battle each other on an uninhabited island, using both physical abilities and cunning strategy.
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“19/20 (Nineteen to Twenty)”
Gen Z are the focus of “19/20 (Nineteen to Twenty),” a reality entertainment show that follows a group of 19-year-olds who learn life and “adulting” skills at “19 School” before they turn 20 and have to live in “20 House” away from their family.
Nineteen to Twenty
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The art team of “All of Us Are Dead” and the choreographers of zombie K-drama “Kingdom” have joined forces to make “Zombieverse” extra realistic. Participants of the show must complete tasks such as saving infected friends and finding food and shelter in a Seoul overrun by zombies. 
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“The Devil’s Plan”

It’s all mind games here as influencers and celebrities must shed their masks to show their most honest selves, all for a cash prize of almost $400,000.
Devil's Plan
Courtesy of Netflix
Netflix will also venture into new territory with the premiere of what it has dubbed “mid-form” series. These shows will have a 30-minute runtime and only require around three to four months of production. Netflix, which hopes this model will allow for content to better align with emerging trends, aims to release two to three of these shows later this year.

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