Biden calls Trump ‘loser’ over border security at APAICS gala

Biden calls Trump ‘loser’ over border security at APAICS galaBiden calls Trump ‘loser’ over border security at APAICS gala
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President Joe Biden slammed former President Donald Trump as a “loser” in his speech at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies’ (APAICS) annual gala.
Key points:
  • Biden lauded the contributions of Asian immigrants and expressed pride in a new directive aimed at disaggregating data among AAPI groups at the 30th Annual Gala of the APAICS on Tuesday.
  • During his speech, he referred to Trump as “that loser,” criticizing the former commander-in-chief for his role in thwarting a bipartisan border agreement earlier this year.
The details:
  • Biden highlighted the directive — released in March — which mandates federal agencies to update outdated language and include options for AAPI ethnicities on forms. He also stressed the importance of acknowledging the diverse identities within the AANHPI community to effectively address their needs.
  • The president condemned Trump’s efforts to obstruct legislation aimed at empowering immigrant communities.

That bipartisan bill has majority support in the House and Senate. But I was told, that other guy, that loser… I think he’s having trouble. Trump called Republicans to block that Senate bill, got on the phone and said it’d be a win for Biden and a loser for him, so they have to make sure you don’t allow it to get to a vote.

  • The bipartisan border security bill, which Trump opposed and labeled as a “death wish” for the GOP and a boon for the Democrats, included provisions for $20 billion in border security funding and new authorities for border control.
  • It would have granted the federal government enhanced powers to manage the border, including temporary authority to remove migrants when daily crossings surpass a certain limit. Additionally, the agreement aimed to abolish “catch and release,” elevate standards for asylum screenings and expedite claims processing, among other provisions.
  • Despite Trump’s opposition, Biden emphasized the necessity for Republicans to act in the interest of the country, saying, “it’s the right thing to do and America needs it done.”
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