Biden takes aim at Trump’s legacy at AANHPI Heritage Month event

Biden takes aim at Trump’s legacy at AANHPI Heritage Month eventBiden takes aim at Trump’s legacy at AANHPI Heritage Month event
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Ryan General
22 hours ago
President Joe Biden took shots at former President Donald Trump during a White House event commemorating Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage (AANHPI) Month.
Key points:
  • Biden delivered his remarks on Monday in the Rose Garden of the White House, which served as the celebration’s reception.
  • He contrasted his administration’s focus on inclusivity and policy achievements with Trump‘s divisive rhetoric and handling of the pandemic.
  • Vice President Kamala Harris echoed Biden’s sentiments, emphasizing the need to push through barriers and create opportunities for all.

Catch up:
  • Harris talked about the importance of inclusivity and breaking down barriers earlier in the day at the annual Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies Legislative Leadership Summit. She shocked audiences with her use of an expletive, saying “Sometimes you need to kick that f****** door down.”
The details:
  • Biden condemned Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, accusing him of lying about its severity and downplaying its impact.

“We’re lowering costs, expanding opportunities and protecting freedoms. That’s in stark contrast to my predecessor’s view of America, and his view of all of you. We’ll never forget him lying about the pandemic. We’ll never forget about the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes during the pandemic.”

  • Biden cited legislation he had signed in 2021 to combat the rise in hate crimes against the AANHPI communities.
  • He also highlighted the stark difference between his administration’s approach and Trump’s divisive language on immigration.

“While we fight for comprehensive immigration reform, he calls immigrants rapists and murderers. He says they are not people. He says immigrants are ‘poisoning the blood of our country.’ Folks, my predecessor wants a country just for some of us. We want a country for all of us.”

  • The president brought to the stage White House Executive Chef Cristeta Pasia Comerford, who was appointed to the position by former First Lady Laura Bush in 2005.
  • The event also saw Harris and actor Lucy Liu delivering their remarks in the Rose Garden, highlighting the contributions and influence of AANHPI individuals.
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