Donald Trump suggests China is ‘building an army’ within the US through Chinese migrants

Donald Trump suggests China is ‘building an army’ within the US through Chinese migrantsDonald Trump suggests China is ‘building an army’ within the US through Chinese migrants
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Michelle De Pacina
3 days ago
Former President Donald Trump expressed concerns about the influx of Chinese migrants crossing the U.S. border, suggesting that China could be building an army within the U.S.
Key points:
  • In an interview with conservative political commentator and radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt on April 4, Trump highlighted reports of a significant number of Chinese nationals entering the country, speculating that China could be “building an army” in America. 
  • Trump also criticized the current administration’s handling of border security and military matters, which he contrasted with his own administration’s policies aimed at bolstering the U.S. military.
The details:
  • “They’re probably building an army from within,” Trump told Hewitt, who referred to reports that 46,000 Chinese nationals entered the U.S. through the southern border in the last two years. 
  • Trump emphasized their youth as potential indicators of military recruitment, saying, “I mean, you look at what’s happening, because they’re very healthy young men for the most part…I see the pictures of them. I see them on television tapes, also. I mean, these are young, healthy people.”
  • Additionally, concerns were raised about China’s military expansion, with estimates suggesting they could have 425 ships in a few years while the US Navy reduces its fleet.
  • Trump, who says his administration had the “safest border in history,” then criticized Joe Biden‘s administration for reversing his border security measures. He claimed his presidency aimed to boost the Navy’s shipbuilding, but Biden halted those plans, resulting in what he described as ineffective leadership.
  • For the upcoming elections, Trump has focused on border security in his campaign, vowing to halt what he calls “Biden’s Border Bloodbath” if elected. 
Chinese migrants:
  • According to the Customs and Border Protection, the number of Chinese migrants crossing the San Diego border into the U.S. have surpassed the number of Mexican nationals in recent months, making Chinese people the second-largest nationality after Colombians. 
  • Since the current fiscal year began in October, more than 22,000 Chinese nationals have been arrested at the southern border near San Diego, marking a stark increase from previous years, with only 342 arrests in 2021.
  • Chinese migrants cite various reasons for leaving their country, including limited economic prospects, deteriorating political conditions and a quest for religious and cultural liberties.
  • Migration surged after Xi Jinping‘s term limit removal in 2018. Economic challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, including high youth unemployment, have also fueled migration. After crossing the border, migrants often surrender to Border Patrol, get processed and seek asylum.
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