Watch: 100 escaped huskies cause cute chaos in Chinese mall

Watch: 100 escaped huskies cause cute chaos in Chinese mall
Bryan Ke
15 days ago
Adorable chaos ensued after 100 Siberian huskies escaped a dog cafe in a mall in Guangdong province when a customer failed to close the store’s front door.
Key points:
  • The incident occurred at the Happy Coast Shopping Center in Shenzhen, a city in Guangdong province, China, on March 12.
  • The dog cafe also shared the incident on their Douyin account on March 14.

The details:
  • The dogs reportedly became overly excited after the dog cafe’s owner, whom they had not seen for months, arrived at the cafe.
  • At the same time, a customer forgot to close the front door, causing the canines, who were high on adrenaline, to run amok inside the department store.
  • While some of the huskies returned after the trainer called them, two dogs mischievously snatched food from customers at the mall. The dog cafe apologized and compensated them afterwards.
  • The cafe staff had to catch and pick up the huskies one by one. They eventually got all of their canines back and later thanked the police, property management companies and other passers-by for their help.
  • A dog cafe staff member with the surname Huo joked to Xigua Video that they “punished” the naughty huskies by giving them “delicious chicken legs.”
How people reacted:
  • Many Weibo users found incident adorable, with one user commenting in a re-post, “Bloodline awakening, it feels like they want to pull a sled.”
  • “How can you recognize each one?” one Weibo user wondered.
  • Meanwhile, one user had their mind blown by the number of Huskies at the dog cafe, writing, “Over 100? I don’t believe there are that many.”
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