Thailand’s ‘most beautiful’ road sweeper becomes TikTok star

Thailand’s ‘most beautiful’ road sweeper becomes TikTok starThailand’s ‘most beautiful’ road sweeper becomes TikTok star
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A street cleaner in Bangkok is quickly gaining popularity online for being the “most beautiful road sweeper” in Thailand.
Key details: Pattaramon Thocharoen, 27, became a beloved TikToker with over 300,000 followers after posting several entertaining clips of her at work with manicured nails and a full face of makeup.
Thocharoen’s father was a garbage truck driver, while her mother was a road sweeper herself. The content creator is proud of her job, telling The Straits Times that it was “the profession that my parents did to raise me.”
“People have criticized me for wearing make-up in my profession, but why can’t I look pretty while doing hard work? It’s for my own satisfaction,” she also told the news outlet.
Increased earnings: Thocharoen, who lives with 10 other family members, earns 12,000 baht (approximately $341) every month as a street cleaner in the Chom Thong district, according to The Times.
Because of TikTok, she is able to earn an additional 50,000 baht (approximately $1,419) through product sales, brand reviews and TikTok Gifts, which can be converted to real money.
“Now I’m more financially stable,” the mother-of-two told The Times. “I’m able to spend more on small things like choosing express delivery when shopping online or having nice meals with my family.”
Not the first: Thocharoen is one of many low-wage workers in Thailand who have discovered more ways to diversify their income streams through social media. Other content creators who have recently found fame online include electricians, factory workers, security officers, farmers and teachers.

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