Thai man sacrifices own life to save mother from pet pit bull attack

Thai man sacrifices own life to save mother from pet pit bull attackThai man sacrifices own life to save mother from pet pit bull attack
via The Hope Thailand
A former jockey in Thailand was killed by his pet pit bull while trying to save his mother from the animal’s attack.
The victim, identified only by his first name Thedpong, died at age 47 at his home in Nakhon Ratchasima province on Friday due to injuries sustained from dog bites, reported The Thaiger.
The tragedy happened after Thedpong’s 8-year-old dog named Bobby reportedly attacked his 68-year-old mother, Duangsaree.
As Bobby tried to bite her throat, Duangsaree fended the dog off with her forearm. The dog then attacked again, this time biting her left thigh and forcing her toward a fence. The violent attack caused serious wounds and heavy bleeding on the elderly woman.
Upon seeing what was happening, Thedpong rushed to the scene and forcibly pried Bobby’s jaws off his mother. The dog then shifted its aggression to Thedpong, dragging him into its cage and biting him multiple times.
By the time Thedpong’s girlfriend and niece managed to get him out of the cage, Thedpong’s torso had reportedly been so badly damaged that his intestines spilled out.
While both Thedpong and his mother were rushed to the hospital, only the mother survived, with Thedpong dying from heavy blood loss.
According to Thedphong’s friend Mana, the dog proved too strong even against its 210-pound owner.
Mana, who assists the family in handling Bobby, said the dog has never shown any aggressive behavior in the past.
They attributed the sudden attack to the “smell” of Duangsaree, which may be foreign to Bobby since she visits her son’s home only once or twice a year. Duangsaree, who remains in the hospital for treatment, said she would not have survived without her son’s help.
The Hope Thailand, an animal protection organization, has coordinated with local authorities to offer assistance in rehabilitating Bobby. 
In a Facebook post, the group lamented the incident, noting that they intend to build a kennel for Bobby to live in for the rest of its life.
The group said the dog will be under the care of volunteers “who love animals and have an understanding of this species” and will be neutered and fully vaccinated after it is determined to be in “good health.”
“Volunteers in the area will bring the dog to Ban Saen Rak (animal shelter) in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Mueang district for behavioral and mental rehabilitation as well as a medical examination,” the group said. “After killing his owner, Bobby is depressed and hasn’t eaten in five days.”
The group concluded their letter by warning prospective pit bull owners: “This is a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of raising a Pit Bull, which requires sufficient readiness and understanding.”
Similar incidents have occurred in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima in the past several months. 
Just weeks before Bobby’s attack, a 76-year-old woman in the same province was left seriously injured after four pit bull mixed breed dogs attacked her.
In September, a pit bull named “Nazi” mauled its 60-year-old owner after it saw her feeding a stray dog.
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