Pitbull named ‘Nazi’ mauls 60-year-old owner in Thailand

Pitbull named ‘Nazi’ mauls 60-year-old owner in ThailandPitbull named ‘Nazi’ mauls 60-year-old owner in Thailand
A Pitbull named “Nazi” mauled its 60-year-old owner in northeast Thailand.
Nazi reportedly attacked its owner, identified as Supaporn, after it saw her feeding a stray dog at 2 p.m. local time on Monday in Nakhon Ratchasima province.
Korat rescue workers responded to the two-story house on Soi Thaekingphon 5 in Mueang district, where they found Supaporn lying in a pool of blood with “gaping wounds” on her neck and upper arm.
The victim was given first aid treatment before she was taken to the hospital. Her condition is currently unknown.
According to her husband, pulling Nazi off of Supaporn was difficult. He used an iron rod to pry the dog away. The husband was able to then trap the dog back inside the house. 
Nazi is reportedly 6-years-old and has been under the care of the couple since he was a puppy. His fate following the attack is unknown at this time.
The dog’s name, which is used to describe a member of the German fascist party under Adolf Hitler from 1933 to 1945, was not viewed as unusual in Thailand.  
Nazi chic has been a pop culture phenomenon in Thailand, especially among its youth. Nazi symbols, such as swastikas and depictions of Hitler, can be seen on Nazi-themed clothing and restaurants and in numerous celebrations. 
The craze has sparked outrage among several international organizations since 2013. Officials and critics have blamed the culture on the lack of historical awareness and sensitivity in the country.  
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