Wholesome video of Snoop Dogg writing his name in Japanese goes viral

Wholesome video of Snoop Dogg writing his name in Japanese goes viralWholesome video of Snoop Dogg writing his name in Japanese goes viral
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A video of a giddy Snoop Dogg after he learned how to write his name in Japanese has gone viral again, nearly one year after the wholesome moment was shared online.
Going viral again: LADbible re-shared the wholesome moment in an Instagram post on Friday, prompting many fans to throw adoration on the legendary American rap superstar for trying to learn and write his name in Japanese.
The repost has received over 600,000 likes.
What it is about: The video shows Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., asking a fan of Japanese descent to teach him how to write his name in the language after autographing the fan’s notebook.
After the fan writes out his name in Japanese, Snoop Dogg copies the Japanese characters on another paper sheet and marvels, “Oh, I wrote my name in Japanese.” Soon after, another Japanese fan approaches him for his signature, to which he tells them, “You going to get the Japanese version.”
The context: The wholesome moment reportedly occurred during a fan meet event at Walmart. The 52-year-old rapper originally uploaded the video to his Instagram on Nov. 7, 2022, where it received more than 119,000 likes from his fans.
The video he uploaded shows a little more of the interaction he had with his Japanese fans.
What they are saying now: Many fans loved Snoop Dogg’s gesture when interacting with his Japanese fans, with one user commenting on the Instagram repost that the rapper has reached “Betty White status” for them, adding, “Protect him at all costs.”
“I’m sorry but he’s turned into everyone’s adorable [uncle], who you just giggle at and wanna hug,” another Instagram user wrote in their comment.
“I love Snoop Dogg He’s the perfect mix of wholesomeness and hood,” one user pointed out.
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