Behind-the-scenes clip of Simu Liu recording ‘Push’ for ‘Barbie’ goes viral

Behind-the-scenes clip of Simu Liu recording ‘Push’ for ‘Barbie’ goes viralBehind-the-scenes clip of Simu Liu recording ‘Push’ for ‘Barbie’ goes viral
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Many social media users loved Simu Liu’s recent TikTok post in which he shared a quick clip of some of the Kens recording their backup vocals for a scene in the summer blockbuster hit “Barbie.”
What’s it about: The video shows Liu inside a small recording booth belting some of the lines of the 1996 Matchbox 20 hit song “Push,” which is featured in the Greta Gerwig-directed movie “Barbie.”
Liu’s clip also features some of the other Kens cast in the movie, including Scott Evans, who can be seen recording his part next to the “Shang-Chi” star’s booth.
The context: The scene for which the actors were recording sees some of the Kens, including Ryan Gosling and Liu, all partnered up with the Barbies as they sit around a campfire on a beach, serenading them with “Push.”

How people reacted: Many TikTok users could not seem to get enough of Liu’s post. Some comments focused on Evans’ adorable movements while singing his part, with one user writing, “Scott Evans is giving golden retriever vibes here and I love it.”
“Scott Evans stealing your thunder in the background.. the real star of this,” another comment read.
“The Kenfinity window is so funny, Kens as far as the eye ken see,” one TikTok user quipped.
The strike ends: The Marvel star’s post came just a day after the SAG-AFTRA strike came to an end on Friday after the new contract with major studios received an 86% approval vote from the board. The ending of the 118-day strike meant that actors could now begin sharing some content from their projects on social media again. They were not allowed to post any promotional material about their projects during the strike.
Besides the behind-the-scenes “Push” recording, which has already received over 13.5 million views on TikTok, Liu also shared a clip of one of the dance rehearsals from “Barbie” on Monday. The latter clip has racked up more than 361,000 views as of writing.
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