Simu Liu shares 2022 highlights, lowlights in Subtle Asian Traits Facebook post

Simu Liu shares 2022 highlights, lowlights in Subtle Asian Traits Facebook postSimu Liu shares 2022 highlights, lowlights in Subtle Asian Traits Facebook post
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In a now-viral Facebook post, Simu Liu reflected on 2022 with a list of achievements and struggles.
Liu, 33, took to Facebook on Friday to “share some highlights, lowlights and insights.”
His post, which has already accumulated over 26,000 likes, was shared in the private Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits.
The Marvel star listed three highlights that focused on Time, “Barbie” and his memoir.
His first highlight was gracing the cover of Time magazine and being chosen as one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People this year. 
“Never has one Asian boy been able to shut his parents up faster than showing them his face on the cover of Time Magazine,” he declared. 
“For all the personal accolades, it’s become obvious that this moment isn’t about ME, it’s about a movement that we all belong to and are fighting for. And if I just happen to be the vessel through which this message is being delivered, I will happily own this moment and pass it along to all those who will bear that torch after,” he added.
His second highlight was getting to be part of the upcoming live-action “Barbie” movie.
“I got to watch some truly incredible actors perform masterfully,” he wrote in part. “This movie is a who’s who of everyone I loved and admired growing up, and I’m so excited for the world to see it. My, how far stock photo Simu has come…”
His third highlight was making The New York Times Best Seller list with his memoir “We Were Dreamers,” which was released in May. 
“This was the culmination of almost 3 years of writing, rewriting and arguing with my parents about how bad they were coming off,” he wrote. “In the end, I truly believed and hoped that my immigrant story would be relatable to the millions of immigrant families out there, and I was right. So thank you to everyone who bought a copy and read about my story!”
Liu’s three lowlights centered on social media-induced anxiety, a breakup and the fact that his memoir’s readers now know intimate details about him.
His first lowlight was “anxiety brought on by Twitter, trolls, etc.” Liu shared that he would have to battle his “instinct to always get into the conversation and correct a misconception or clarify something.” 
“Sometimes people are going to strongly dislike you and there’s just nothing you can do to change their mind, esp from a computer screen. Just gotta do you and trust that the folks who get you will rock with you,” he wrote in part.
His second lowlight was going through a “semi-public breakup.” Liu is most likely referring to his breakup with ex-girlfriend Jade Bender, which made headlines in September. 
The “Barbie” actor first shared details about the breakup during Salesforce’s flagship conference Dreamforce, “of all the f*cking places in the world.” After someone at the event asked how he was “REALLY” doing, the “Shang-Chi” star struggled to keep his cool.
“It literally took all of me not to just have an emotional breakdown in that moment, but I pulled myself together and played it off,” he shared. “I was already tilted though, and ended up mentioning that I was going through a breakup. That got picked up everywhere. And all because I committed to doing a corporate speaking engagement. Barf.”
“Anyways… heartbreak sucks. Shoutout to my therapist and my best friends for really getting me through the darkness,” he added.
His last lowlight was about his memoir’s readers.
“Realizing that everyone who has read your book now knows intismate details about your life. Schwoops!” he wrote.
Liu’s post ends with a single insight that emphasizes improving how we look after ourselves. 
“We need to really do a better job of taking care of ourselves,” he declared. “Just in the last month two high profile people in my personal circles have taken their own lives, and they were both people whom I deeply admired. This year was the year I finally decided to start therapy and it’s been an extremely helpful tool in helping me understand my thought processes and triggers.”
“We all carry a lot from our upbringings and Asians are among the least likely to talk to someone about it. Let’s get proactive about our mental health and start doing the work whether it’s therapy or something else,” he continued.
Liu concluded his post with a positive message, writing: “Have the most amazing holidays guys, and I’m looking forward to posting more in the New Year.” He also shared four pictures: his Time magazine cover, the cover of his memoir, a shot of him dancing in “Barbie” and an image of him with his parents.
Several Facebook users wrote words of support for Liu.
“I know we all don’t actually know you personally but you write to SAT, and therefore us, with such honesty and heart, that it feels like we do know you. Thank you for sharing your life with us. SAT is your community, your support, your people. And you are ours,” one user wrote.
“You might be on the cover of Time Magazine, but when are you going to make partner at Deloitte? #emotionaldamage In all seriousness, amazing work. You’re now the cousin all other Asians get compared to,” another user said.
“Simu I love your reflections! It’s so humbling and gives others permission to just be so! Also thank you for being a real human and connecting with your community,” another user wrote.

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