Petite pomeranian protects South Korean district as new dog patroller

Petite pomeranian protects South Korean district as new dog patrollerPetite pomeranian protects South Korean district as new dog patroller
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A Pomeranian has become the latest face of a Seoul community safety program that sees pets and their owners patrolling their neighborhoods.
Key points:
  • The tiny dog, named Hodu, joined the Seoul Pet Patrol Squad last month.
  • The program has grown to over 1,400 teams, showing strong community participation.
  • The patrols have successfully reported local incidents and issues, enhancing neighborhood safety.
The details:
  • Launched in 2022, the Seoul Pet Patrol Squad now includes 1,424 teams, a significant increase from an initial 64. These teams, consisting of pets and their owners, patrol their neighborhoods, monitoring and reporting incidents and potential hazards.
  • Hodu, a 3-year-old Pomeranian, patrols the Seongdong District with his owner, Eum Ho-sang. They joined the program on April 20 along with 45 other teams.
  • A total of 1,011 teams reportedly made 48,431 patrols last year, leading to 331 police and 2,263 petition reports. These efforts helped identify safety hazards, including the discovery of a drunk driver wreaking havoc in a school zone.
  • To join the patrol, pets must pass various tests, demonstrating obedience and calmness around other dogs and strangers. Hodu and other pets are trained to follow commands like “stay” and “come here,” which are essential for their role in the program.
  • The initiative is led by the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s self-governing police commission. Mayor Chong Won-o of Seongdong District frequently shares highlights from the patrols on social media, encouraging public interaction with the patrol teams.
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