Meet Fuzai, China’s first corgi cop

Meet Fuzai, China’s first corgi copMeet Fuzai, China’s first corgi cop
via @柯警福仔原主人 / Weibo
A 6-month-old corgi named Fuzai has made a groundbreaking debut as China’s first police dog of this breed.
Key points:
  • Fuzai works with the Weifang Public Security Bureau in Weifang, Shandong province.
  • He undergoes daily training focused on obedience, bomb detection and scent tracking skills.
  • His story proves that non-traditional breeds can effectively perform specialized police tasks due to their unique physical traits.

The details:
  • Fuzai is currently listed as a reserve police dog. He undergoes daily training sessions in obedience, bomb detection and scent tracking, scheduled in the mornings and afternoons.
  • The corgi was donated by his owner to the Weifang Public Security Bureau’s Police Dog Base immediately after weaning. He outperformed peers as early as 2 months of age, consistently excelling as an “A student.”
via @柯警福仔原主人 / Weibo
  • His unique physical attributes, such as his short stature and compact body, allow him to perform tasks like crawling under vehicles and navigating tight indoor spaces efficiently. These abilities are crucial for searching and safety assessments in constrained environments.
  • Fuzai’s obedience, strong hunting drive and keenness made him an ideal candidate for police work. His love for food, low sensitivity and possessive nature toward objects have also been used to his advantage in training scenarios.
via @柯警福仔原主人 / Weibo
  • Breeds such as German shepherds and labradors typically dominate canines in law enforcement. Thus, Fuzai has become a social media sensation, with many praising his abilities and questioning the potential for other breeds — like Shiba Inus — to also join police forces.
What’s next:
  • Fuzai will continue his training to fully prepare for official duties. His ongoing development is focused on adapting to complex environments and enhancing his specialized skills.
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