Netflix x ‘Roblox’ ‘Nextworld’ game enters early access

Netflix x ‘Roblox’ ‘Nextworld’ game enters early accessNetflix x ‘Roblox’ ‘Nextworld’ game enters early access
Netflix’s virtual theme park on “Roblox,” “Nextworld,” entered early access last week, giving fans the opportunity to interact with their favorite characters from the livestreaming platform’s shows.
Key points:
  • “Nextworld,” which is only available on “Roblox,” was released for early access on Thursday, according to Netflix’s press release. The in-game universe is available on “Roblox”-supported consoles, mobile and PC/Mac.
  • The Netflix universe theme park features some of the company’s biggest and popular franchises, including “Stranger Things,” “Rebel Moon” and the hit live-action adaptation “One Piece.”
  • Released in September 2006, “Roblox” is an online video game and social media platform where players can play or create their own games. It also serves as a virtual hangout spot. While the game is free, players have the option to purchase the in-game currency Robux to buy upgrades and other cosmetic items.

The details:
  • “Nextworld” will serve as a central hub for fans and player as they venture into the Netflix universe.
  • While inside the game, fans will be able to interact with Dustin from “Stranger Things,” Jimmy from “Rebel Moon” and Monkey D. Luffy from “One Piece,” characters who also serve as guardians of their respective franchise universe.
  • Accompanying those characters are immersive games, such as “Stranger Things: Escape from Hawkins High,” Rebel Moon: Outskirts Battles” and “One Piece: East Blue Brawls.”
  • Aside from the immersive titles, Netflix also released several mini-games, including “Cobra Kai Miyagi-Do Balancing Board” and a video game version of “Is it Cake?” where players have to guess if the objects are cake or not.
  • Winning in the mini-games and completing quests will award players in-game currencies, which they can use to buy exclusive items and decorations for their player space Fan Pod.
  • The partnership with Roblox is just one of the several projects Netflix has for video games, which also includes a “Squid Game” title that is currently under development.
What’s next:
  • With the Streamship, the player’s home base in the “Nextworld” universe, players can travel to attend social events, such as viewing parties and exclusive premieres at the Tudum Theater.
  • The first exclusive premiere will be held on May 17 for the animated series “Jurassic World: Chaos Theory,” which is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on May 24.
  • Before the early access release of “Nextworld,” Netflix reportedly held special “Roblox” screenings for its past shows, including “Unicorn Academy” and “Sonic Prime.”
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