Store in Louisiana Puts Up Sign Banning ‘Chinese Communists’

Store in Louisiana Puts Up Sign Banning ‘Chinese Communists’Store in Louisiana Puts Up Sign Banning ‘Chinese Communists’
A store in Louisiana has recently drawn backlash over its sign refusing “admittance to any Chinese Communist MoFo.” 
Louis Pizzolatto, the owner of collectibles store Coin & Treasure on Lafayette’s Congress Street, allegedly put the sign up last year to condemn the Chinese Communist Party, the Acadiana Advocate reported.
“Coin & Treasure PROUDLY REFUSES Admittance to any Chinese Communist MoFo,” the sign says. 
Leslie Bourque, a resident of Lafayette, noticed the sign on the store’s front door on Tuesday. She then shared a photo of it on Facebook.
“If we allow this we are allowing hate to infiltrate our city,” Bourque wrote. “Please help me to eliminate this. It must be a collective effort to send a message. Please boycott this type of mind set.”
Pizzolatto received around 100 phone calls about the sign. He took it down on Wednesday after speaking with an Asian customer, who reportedly did not find any issues with it. 
“But she said, ‘You know, people don’t read between the lines,’” Pizzolatto shared with the Advocate. “And sometimes somebody’s feelings get hurt. I didn’t want people’s feeling to get hurt about it. I wanted to kick the Chinese Communist Party in the teeth, but I didn’t want anybody’s feelings to get hurt. And if somebody’s feelings get hurt, I don’t want to do it.”

According to Pizzolatto, he posted the sign before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. He is allegedly against human rights violations in China, not the Asian American community, KATC reported. 
“The sign was initially, in my mind, a protest against COVID,” Pizzolatto told KATC. “Asians never played a part in my mind. Chinese never played a part in my mind. What played a part in my mind was the Chinese Communist Party that killed 50 million in one lick, some estimate up to 100. When I started doing research on what the Chinese Communists have done over the years, it went downhill. That’s probably why I kept it up so long. It has no malice to Asians, no malice to Chinese. At all.”
Pizzolatto recently put up a new sign, replacing the word “MoFo” with “Party.”
“It’s a singular thing,” he explained. “Chinese Communist Party that has murdered hundreds of thousands of people. Not war. Just out murdering. That is the story.” 
Feature Image via Leslie Bourque (left), The Acadiana Advocate (right)
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