Man in Japan arrested for throwing dog at police officer

Man in Japan arrested for throwing dog at police officerMan in Japan arrested for throwing dog at police officer
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A man in Japan was recently arrested for throwing a dog at a police officer mid-rant.
A lost dog: On July 25, a passerby spotted a dog roaming around Hyogo Ward in the city of Kobe, according to local reports.
The dog had a collar, but its owner was nowhere to be found. The passerby took the dog to a nearby pet grooming salon, but none of the staff members there recognized it. The police were informed, and an officer sent to the establishment shared that he knew who the pet’s owner was — it turned out that the dog was left unattended in the area before. 
Speaking to the owner: The officer went to the dog’s owner’s house to inform him about the situation. The 55-year-old man followed the officer to the salon, but he did not want to have anything to do with the animal.
“I don’t need this kind of dog!” the man allegedly yelled. “Take him to the damn animal shelter!”
While the man ranted, he picked up his 6-kilogram (approximately 13.2 pounds) dog and threw it at the officer.
The aftermath: The dog and the officer were not seriously injured. The animal was reportedly taken into custody at the police station.
Meanwhile, the dog’s owner was arrested. He was charged with “obstruction of official duties.”

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