Interview: Monsta X’s I.M announces first solo world tour

Interview: Monsta X’s I.M announces first solo world tourInterview: Monsta X’s I.M announces first solo world tour
via Sony Music Entertainment Korea Inc.
Michelle De Pacina
16 days ago
Rapper and vocalist I.M of the K-pop group Monsta X will be embarking on his first-ever solo headlining world tour following the release of his third EP “Off the Beat.”
After the success of his previous EP releases, “Duality” and “Overdrive,” I.M adds six new tracks to his unconventional self-storytelling, with influences from hip-hop, trap, R&B and Latin music.
Although the 28-year-old artist is still an active member of Monsta X, which is more known for their aggressive music style that combines elements of hip-hop, EDM and pop, I.M says he has found his “natural vibe” outside of the boy group. 
In his focus track, titled “LURE,” he blends his vocals and rap skills over a punchy beat infused with a Latin-influenced guitar sound. The other tracks on “Off the Beat” also reveals different aspects of I.M’s daily life and identity, from self-confidence in “Bust it” to introspection in “nbdy.”
“I know what I like now,” I.M tells NextShark. “I know what I love and what I’m good at. And so that’s why this music came out. That’s really my natural vibe.” 
I.M credits jazz as his base influence for music, but he reveals pulling inspiration from artists such as Bryson Tiller, Ty Dolla Sign, NAV and Chase Shakur for shaping his style in R&B, soul and hip-hop.
via Sony Music Entertainment Korea Inc.
As I.M prepares for his first solo tour, he says he looks forward to meeting fans and experiencing the distinct culture of each country on his itinerary. He envisions immersing himself fully in diverse cultures, intending to savor local cuisines, share drinks and even pick up a few phrases in the native languages along the way.
While he also admits to feeling nervous due to his reserved nature, I.M aims to make his fans proud with the solo tour experience and intends to connect with them authentically.
“My fans are really loyal, so I think they’ll be really proud,” I.M says. “I am an [unpredictable] man, so every stage will give them an unexpected moment. I am preparing all the songs live, so the sound will be so dynamic.”
The tour will commence in Seoul on May 25 and 26 and will continue across major European cities. Following this leg, I.M will make his way to the U.S. and Canada in August, with stops in Boston, New York, Toronto, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Vancouver, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The “Off the Beat” world tour will end in Asia in September, with shows in Taipei, Tokyo, Bangkok and Macau.
via Sony Music Entertainment Korea Inc.
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