Interview: K-pop legend Rain to perform US concerts for 1st time in 15 years

Interview: K-pop legend Rain to perform US concerts for 1st time in 15 yearsInterview: K-pop legend Rain to perform US concerts for 1st time in 15 years
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K-pop legend Rain is making a comeback with his “STILL RAINING” tour after a seven-year hiatus from touring. 
Known as a pioneer of K-pop music, the 41-year-old artist and actor is gearing up to take the stage once again with stops in two U.S. cities, including Atlantic City and Las Vegas, in November. They will be his first concerts in the U.S. in nearly 15 years.
“I’m very excited to finally meet my American fans,” Rain tells NextShark. “I was supposed to meet them in the past, but the COVID-19 pandemic prevented that from happening.”
Although Rain took a break from touring globally in the past seven years, he committed himself to the film industry in South Korea, quickly becoming a powerhouse with nearly 30 TV and film roles to date. The actor, who became one of the most admired celebrities in the East Asian nation, also made his mark on Hollywood in films such as “Speed Racer” (2008) and “Ninja Assassin” (2009).
While Rain does not shy away from the spotlight, he reveals that this time around he will have a different approach to the scale of the upcoming concerts. He is preparing for cozier and more intimate performances, hoping to captivate old and new fans with his melodies and symphony of beats that include both his old hits such as “Rainism” and “It’s Raining,” and newer songs never performed on tour before such as “Switch to Me” and “Domestic.” 
During his hiatus, Rain was motivated to create contemporary tunes due to new trends in the music industry, particularly taking inspiration from K-pop groups Seventeen and Stray Kids and American rapper Doja Cat. These artists have also inspired Rain to perform a few cover songs on tour for the first time ever. 
via RAIN Company
Looking back on his career, Rain does not want to consider himself an icon, noting that he is continuously working hard and constantly learning from new artists and dancers while honoring his previous inspirations like Michael Jackson and Usher. He wants to focus on living in the moment and doing his best to make his family and fans proud.  
“The fans shouldn’t think about anything serious during my concerts,” Rain says. “Just come in, jump together and sing together. I want to bring so much happiness to all my fans.” 
Tickets for Rain’s upcoming concerts are now available for purchase on Infinite Prospects Entertainment, the company that put together the We Bridge Music Festival & Expo.
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