International student allegedly maxes out $140K credit before fleeing to China

International student allegedly maxes out $140K credit before fleeing to ChinaInternational student allegedly maxes out $140K credit before fleeing to China
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A screenshot of a post describing how an international student fled the U.S. to return to China after maxing out their credit cards has gone viral on Reddit.
Key points: 
  • The purported student said they exhausted their credit cards from various banks, including Chase, Citibank and American Express
  • They expressed gratitude to the banking companies for their support but stressed their loyalty to China.
The details:
  • The student, who claimed to be graduating from university, reportedly incurred a total debt of $140,000 — equivalent to roughly 1 million yuan — using personal and business cards.
  • They thanked the banks that supposedly provided the funding but emphasized their Chinese identity and mission to contribute to China.

“A big thank you to Chase, Citibank and American Express for supporting me over the past three years. Although your banking services are excellent, I always remember that I am Chinese and my mission is to revive China!”

  • The individual also explained their actions as resistance to American imperialism.

“Let me use this first pot of gold in my life to contribute to my motherland! This is also a strong blow to American imperialism!!! A final lesson for American capitalists!!!”

  • Some Reddit users express disbelief and frustration at the student’s actions, while others expressed concerns about its implications, such as potential legal consequences and impact on their credit score.
  • Meanwhile, some discussed the challenges of companies pursuing repayment across borders, noting that they cannot do much about the situation. “Nothing will come of it. People do this all the time, the credit card companies just take the hit. His credit is ruined in America but if he doesn’t come back it doesn’t really affect him anywhere else. It technically is not illegal to default on your debts,” one claimed
Can credit card debt follow you overseas?
  • Nothing immediate happens to an individual’s debt when they move overseas, according to debt counseling agency Money Management InternationalCreditors, however, can still pursue repayment through various means, such as legal action depending on the laws involved. 
  • Creditors may also seize one’s assets, such as bank accounts or investments in the U.S., to settle debts. An individual employed by a U.S.-based company may see creditors garnish their wages.
  • The agency also notes that establishing residency in a new country is complex, often requiring an application process that may involve scrutiny of your U.S. credit report. This makes it challenging to obtain credit.
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