German events hub sparks outrage over ‘exotic Asia’ party with ‘Geisha girls’ serving sushi

German events hub sparks outrage over ‘exotic Asia’ party with ‘Geisha girls’ serving sushiGerman events hub sparks outrage over ‘exotic Asia’ party with ‘Geisha girls’ serving sushi
via Finn’s Penthouse Event Location, Handout
A German events location has drawn backlash over an ad about an “exotic Asia” party that featured “Geisha Girls.”
The event, titled “Geisha: The Exotic Asia Night,” was scheduled to run for six hours at Finn’s Penthouse Eventlocation on Saturday, Jan. 21, according to a Facebook ad that remains live as of press time.
via Finn’s Penthouse Eventlocation
However, it’s unclear whether the event actually materialized. An equivalent Instagram post appears to have been scrubbed after users took offense and called out the business.
“This makes my blood boil as an Asian woman,” a tipster who identifies as Chinese German told NextShark in an email. 
“Not only is it incredibly racist, but it is also blatant cultural appropriation and Asian fetishization.”
via Finn’s Penthouse Eventlocation
A poster for the event boasted of free welcome shots and sushi from “Geisha Girls.” It also promised hip-hop, trap and dance classics.
“They will have ‘Geisha Girls’ serving sushi the entire night, completely objectifying, dehumanizing and sexualizing Asian women,” the tipster alleged. “On top of that, they pretend as if traditional garments such as the kimono are ridiculous party costumes.”
The tipster said they and others were blocked by the business after calling it out on Instagram. About an hour later, they allegedly received a DM from “some guy who probably works for the club.”
A screenshot of the message shows the “guy” asking what the problem is. They claimed they “always have parties” at the club in question and that “geisha,” from what they know, “is the new year of Your coulture [sic].”
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“The fact that they are hosting a ‘Geisha Girl’ party right during Lunar New Year (the night of January 21st) is more than offending,” the tipster told NextShark. “Me and my friend tried to give them a bad Google review, which didn’t go through for some reason.”
The tipster added that the event’s location appears to have a discriminatory past. 
One Google review claims that the business requires a German ID upon entry.
“This club is not letting in people from other countries! They are only accepting German IDs,” the reviewer alleged.
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