Forget pineapple pizza — it’s all about durian mango pizza with fried chicken

Forget pineapple pizza — it’s all about durian mango pizza with fried chickenForget pineapple pizza — it’s all about durian mango pizza with fried chicken
Pizza Hut Taiwan launched a new pizza and fried chicken flavor made with durian, mango and cheese on June 21. 
The chefs over at Pizza Hut must have had a lot of creative freedom over the last year, previously releasing pizzas made with interesting combinations from oreos and popcorn chicken to dim sum and tartar sauce to pig’s intestines and pig’s blood
This time, Pizza Hut Taiwan created yet another intriguing combination of Thai Golden Pillow durian, Tainan Yujing Aiwen mango sauce and durian cheese for their unique “Dumans Shui Jinjin Pizza” or Durian Water Gold Pizza. 
Opening the pizza box enclosing Durian Water Gold Pizza, the pungent aroma of durian greets first. Large chunks of the fruit add creaminess and softness to the pizza’s otherwise standard base layer. The mango sauce introduces a sweet and tart taste to compliment the offensive, fruity flare of the durian. Small pieces of cheese molded in the shape of Pizza Hut logos and made with even more durian is topped on the pizza. Finally, shredded coconut is dusted on the crust for a refreshing taste from those last few bites. 
The quirky clash of flavors is sure to curate a distinctive tasting experience for your taste buds. 
But pizza enthusiasts who ordered the dish have mixed feelings.
“Pizza Hut’s durian pizza really didn’t go wrong,” one reviewer wrote. “If I have to say the shortcomings, I really can’t taste the taste of mango!”
Another commented on Pizza Hut’s Facebook announcement of Durian Water Gold Pizza, writing, “Please call me when you have the taste of the past. I am not happy with the style of mixing.”
“Every time Pizza Hut is limited, it is surprising. It also often introduces flavors that make Italians collapse,” another said. “Overall it was delicious, but it was totally a sweet pizza, very sweet!!! To be paired with salty food.”
If pizza is not your thing, Pizza Hut Taiwan also released Durian Cheese Tang Yang Chicken, a fried chicken version where large boneless chicken thighs fried to crispy perfection is topped with more mango sauce, durian cheese and shredded coconut. The umami and juiceness from the chicken creates a hearty meal combined with the sweetness and creaminess from the tropical flavors.
At 539 yuan (approximately $80) for the durian mango pizza and at 239 yuan (approximately $35) for the durian cheese chicken, the items are now available in limited quantities and exclusively sold online and in Pizza Hut stores in Taiwan since June 28. 
Featured Image via Pizza Hut
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