Watch: Falcon snatches TikToker’s sandwich at Japanese beach

Watch: Falcon snatches TikToker’s sandwich at Japanese beachWatch: Falcon snatches TikToker’s sandwich at Japanese beach
via @mioteriyaki
A TikTok user was left in shock after a falcon swooped in to snatch his lunch while he was relaxing at a beach in central Japan.
Key points:
  • Tourist Minh Nguyen Anh (@mioteriyaki) caught the moment and posted it on his TikTok page last week.
  • As of this writing, the video has received over 21.9 million views and mixed reactions.
  • Unfortunately, he suffered the same fate twice, leading him to warn others against eating on Japanese beaches.
The details:
  • The seven-second video shows Minh sitting at a beach in Shimoda, Shizuoka Prefecture on April 14. As he takes out his chicken katsu sandwich for a bite, the falcon flies in to grab it from his hands.
  • The incident left him flabbergasted. “It went by so fast, like I didn’t know what happened,” he said in a follow-up video. “I just knew that something like sharp just hit my hands and I was just so shocked. … After that I was just so paralyzed, I did not know what to do. I was so in shock.”
  • The impact of the falcon’s claws left him with small scars on his fingers. Unfortunately, it would not be the last time a bird would steal his snack.
  • A week later, a similar encounter took place while he was visiting another beach in Kamakura, located south of Tokyo.
  • “By now, I should’ve learned from my mistake to not eat at the beach, but I was just so hungry, I was walking all day,” he recalled. “As soon as I freaking opened the tuna mayo onigiri, a bird literally snatches it away from me again.”
  • TikTok users shared his shock from his experiences. One wrote, “Nah, picnics would be banned after that. I ain’t losing a pinky over tuna and mayo.”
  • “The way the bird waited for you to open it before it took it from you,” another commented.
  • “This is wild and kinda scary since I live in Japan now,” another shared. “Glad you still have all your fingers after multiple birds snatched your snacks tho.”
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