Man fulfills ill boy’s dream of Lamborghini ride after mom’s plea goes viral

Man fulfills ill boy’s dream of Lamborghini ride after mom’s plea goes viralMan fulfills ill boy’s dream of Lamborghini ride after mom’s plea goes viral
via Orang Wangsa Maju, @mikaelhidayat
Last month, a Malaysian man won the hearts of many Facebook users by fulfilling the dream of a boy with cancer to ride in a Lamborghini.
Key points:
  • Malaysian social media user Mikael Hidayat shared the story in his post on Facebook and TikTok on April 24.
  • On April 26, the Orang Wangsa Maju Facebook group also shared pictures and clips from the heartwarming moment.
The details:
  • The heartwarming encounter started after a mother pleaded Facebook users to help her locate the owner of a Lamborghini that her 8-year-old son took a picture of despite the heavy rainfall on April 18. Her viral post, shared on the Orang Wangsa Maju Facebook group on April 23, has garnered over 27,000 likes and over 3,500 comments.
  • “Does anyone know the owner of this car? Just standing beside the car for a photo will be enough,” the mother wrote.
  • Thankfully, Hidayat, who knows the owner of the luxurious car, discovered the post and alerted his friend of the mother’s request.
  • Hidayat and the car owner arranged a meeting with the mother, the boy, his older brother and sister on the evening of April 23. During the meetup, they learned that the boy’s older brother has leukemia and is undergoing treatment at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.
  • Hidayat noted in his post that the two boys were very excited after seeing the luxurious car in person. The two men then treated the family to dinner and later took the three children for a ride in the Lamborghini.
  • Hidayat also uploaded a video of them waving goodbye to the family on TikTok. The Lamborghini owner can later be seen becoming emotional and teary after the farewell. “As small as it is for us, it means a lot to others, sometimes to people we don’t even know,” Hidayat wrote.
How people reacted:
  • Many TikTok users praised the Lamborghini owner for being kindhearted, with one Malaysian TikTok user writing in their comment under Hidayat’s post, “There are still people who keep a low profile even though they have a super sports car. I pray that this young man continues to be blessed.”
  • “May the best be for your friend and for you who bring happiness to them even if only for a moment. Keep being good people, InshaAllah may Allah bless you both with abundance,” another Malaysian comment read.
  • “From Facebook.. Who chopped onions here.. it’s really sad, thank you, kind person.. may you and your friend be blessed in this world and the hereafter.. don’t stop doing good deeds, okay,” one user commented.
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