Picky Chinese man fails to find partner after 100 dates in 10 years

Picky Chinese man fails to find partner after 100 dates in 10 yearsPicky Chinese man fails to find partner after 100 dates in 10 years
A story of a 45-year-old Chinese man who has gone on some 100 dates in 10 years but still has not found a partner due to his high standards has received ridicule on social media.
About the man: The man, identified by his surname Feng, was born in 1979 and was working as an engineer in a government agency when he approached Wang Zhihui, a known matchmaker in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, for her services. Wang recently shared the man’s story with Chinese media as an example of why some people are having difficulties dating and as advice for young people to have “greater self-awareness.”
What he wants: According to Wang, Feng, who is 172 centimeters tall (5 feet, 6 inches), wanted a “tall, pretty wife” and would not accept anyone who is 159 centimeters (5 feet, 2 inches) or shorter. Besides physical appearance, Feng also wanted a partner who was from Hangzhou.
The potential partner also would also have to be born in the 1990s, which would make her younger than him by at least 11 years. He explained that he “needs to consider the next generation” and deserves to be picky because he has “a baby face and looks young.”
Too stingy: Describing Feng as “eccentric,” Wang stressed that his problem was his stinginess. She said he needs to lower his standards instead of having a “strong sense of superiority and a high posture.”
Wang also shared details about a blind date Feng had gone on, in which he refused to pay for his date’s drink. In the end, the woman, who traveled from outside the city just to meet him, reportedly bought him bottled water.
What people are saying: Some Chinese social media users ridiculed Feng’s high standards in a Douyin post. One user said they “want to see what a guy with a baby face looks like.” Another noted how Feng is “more shameless” than them.
Meanwhile, a user on Zhuhi, a Chinese-based question-and-answer platform, wrote that Feng “doesn’t understand that women also care about the age of their partners.”
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