Simu Liu flexes his French speaking skills in new ad for Cheetos

Simu Liu flexes his French speaking skills in new ad for CheetosSimu Liu flexes his French speaking skills in new ad for Cheetos
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Simu Liu flexes his French speaking skills in a new campaign to promote his fingertips’ endorsement deal with Cheetos.
Their first: In a press release on Tuesday, Frito-Lay announced its collaboration with Liu, 34.
The company’s “Sponsortips” is “doing something no other brand has done before”– sponsoring a celebrity’s fingertips in an effort to promote its world-famous snack, Cheetos, and its cheesy, orange dust known as Cheetle.
Why Liu: Frito-Lay also explained why the “Shang-Chi” actor is ideal for its new campaign, saying, “To Cheetos, Liu perfectly embodies the brand. He’s got impeccable comedic timing, an amazing sense of humour, and most importantly, he’s got great hands.”
What he said: The “Barbie” star expressed his excitement for the new campaign, declaring that he has “always loved Cheetos” since they are “the one snack that you can get a little messy with.”
“Every Cheetos fan knows that the best part of the snack is the orange dust – Cheetle – on your fingers. It is with great honour that I use my fingertips to put Cheetle in the spotlight all over Canada where it belongs,” he continued.
Flexing his French: Liu flexed his French in an advertisement posted by Cheetos Canada on Instagram and YouTube on Thursday. The ad shows Liu following directions from a French-speaking director who tells the Chinese Canadian actor to move his face away from the camera and only shows his fingertips.
Cheetos also released an English version of the ad.
Social media reacts: On Wednesday, Liu posted about the new campaign on X.
“Proud to be the first official sponsored fingertips of @CheetosCanada (and for mastering the waggle). Would be nice if my face was just a bit more in frame though,” he jokingly wrote.
Several X users were amused by his post, with one user writing, “This better not awaken anything in me.”
LMAO. Moving up in the world. Accountant, Actor, hand model,” another user said, referring to Liu’s past stock photo gigs. “Parents would be proud.”
Excellent waggle though,” another user commented, with Cheetos Canada replying, “We saw his fingertips and just knew – they needed some Cheetle on them.”

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