AsianBossGirl: Driving Their Own Destiny with the All-Electric Cadillac LYRIQ

AsianBossGirl: Driving Their Own Destiny with the All-Electric Cadillac LYRIQAsianBossGirl: Driving Their Own Destiny with the All-Electric Cadillac LYRIQ
In 2017, amidst the bustling streets of Downtown LA, an idea was born. Melody “Mel” Cheng, Janet Wang, and a few friends found themselves deep in conversation, discussing work, family, and dating. Upon a friend’s suggestion to record the conversation, AsianBossGirl was born – a podcast that set the standard for every day Asian American women to feel heard, seen, and connected.  
In the all-electric Cadillac LYRIQ, an embodiment of Cadillac’s future vision, Mel and Janet reflect on their initial struggles. The early days were marked by intense brainstorming and recording sessions, filled with uncertainty about their venture’s viability. “It wasn’t until our first AsianBossGirl meet-up, where we met listeners face-to-face, that we truly felt heard,” shares Janet. “Hearing our listeners share their own versions of our stories was a turning point for us,” she continued. Fueled with optimism, they made the leap and turned AsianBossGirl into their full-time priority, signing with an agency that steered them on a bold, new journey filled with multi-platform campaigns and television appearances. 
The LYRIQ, with its EPA-estimated 314-mile range* on Rear Wheel Drive, mirrors AsianBossGirl’s narrative of resilience. As Mel and Janet pause at a charging station, they contemplate their journey’s defining moments. “Choosing what’s interesting over what’s expected felt really good. Now, we’re driving our own destiny and never looking back.” Mel shares. Janet, using LYRIQ’s 33″ diagonal advanced LED touchscreen to adjust the ambient lighting nods in agreement, “Life off the beaten path is better with a co-pilot.” 
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Their endeavor with AsianBossGirl, though fraught with challenges, has been anchored by a steadfast commitment to authenticity. “We wanted to fill the gap we saw in mainstream media’s representation of young women who straddle American and Asian cultures,” Janet says. “To tell stories for and by real Asian American women,” Mel chimes in.
What started as a passion project has since turned into an iconic multi-media business that continues to build with a sophisticated community of women who value representation and voice.
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*On a full charge. Actual range may vary based on several factors, including ambient temperature, terrain, battery age and condition, loading, and how you use and maintain your vehicle. 
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