Apple CEO attends first store opening in India, surprised by fan carrying 1984 Mac

Apple CEO attends first store opening in India, surprised by fan carrying 1984 Mac
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The tech company’s CEO, Tim Cook, inaugurated the Mumbai store on Tuesday and even took selfies with die-hard Apple fans

April 18, 2023
Apple recently opened its first store in India, with CEO Tim Cook present at the special event to inaugurate the new outlet.
On Tuesday, Apple BKC opened its doors. Around 300 people were reportedly in a queue outside the store, with some of them having lined up since Monday. Several of them traveled from other parts of the country to witness the historic opening, according to reports.
To help celebrate the momentous occasion, the event also notably featured several folk dance and local music performances.
Several Apple fans approached Cook to shake his hand and take selfies with him.
Some of them had haircuts in the shape of Apple’s logo, according to Reuters.
One fan named Sajid even managed to surprise Cook by proudly carrying around his 1984 Macintosh.
“I am very happy and proud that Apple is opening a store here finally. It is a big moment for Apple users in India and we can look forward to coming to this store and exploring all the latest Apple products,” he told reporters covering the store opening.
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Cook took to Twitter before Apple BKC’s opening to express his excitement.
“The energy, creativity, and passion in Mumbai is incredible! We are so excited to open Apple BKC — our first store in India,” he wrote.
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The Apple CEO will also be attending the opening of Apple’s second India store, which is located in Delhi, on Thursday.
Apple has been operating in India for over two decades, according to its website.
The tech company’s products were previously available for purchase either online or through resellers.
“The vibe here is just different,” Aan Shah, 23, told Reuters. “It’s not like buying from some normal store. There’s just no comparison. It’s so exciting.”
Apple BKC, which has over 100 employees who collectively speak over 20 languages, was designed to be one of the world’s most energy-efficient Apple Store locations. It has a dedicated solar array and runs on 100 percent renewable energy.

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