119-year-old Vietnamese woman may be world’s oldest living person

119-year-old Vietnamese woman may be world’s oldest living person119-year-old Vietnamese woman may be world’s oldest living person
via Tuoi Tre News
Trinh Thi Khong, a 119-year-old woman in southern Vietnam, is laying claim to the title of “world’s oldest living person.”
Breaking the record: With official records and presidential acknowledgments supporting her birth year of 1905, Khong is considered Vietnam‘s oldest resident at 119-years-old. This also makes Khong two years older than the current Guinness World Records (GWR) holder, Maria Branyas Morera of France, who celebrated her 117th birthday on Monday.
Hoping for recognition: Efforts are reportedly underway by Khong’s family and local authorities to have her officially recognized as the world’s oldest living person. The People’s Committee in Long Khanh Town, where Khong resides, hopes increased media coverage will encourage GWR to acknowledge Khong’s longevity.
About Khong: Khong, who was born in Trieu Son District, Thanh Hoa Province, currently resides in Dong Nai with her 81-year-old daughter, Do Thi Ninh, who serves as her primary caregiver. The centenarian‘s extensive family consists of four sons and three daughters, with the eldest being 91 years old. Khong also has a remarkable family lineage of up to 150 descendants spanning children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Khong’s health: Three years ago, Khong experienced a severe illness that led to a rapid decline in her health, prompting her family to begin preparations for her funeral. However, Khong miraculously made a full recovery. Despite her near-death experience and current age, Khong reportedly remains in a “normal and healthy” condition, supported by a daily diet of porridge and bird‘s nest drink. 
“She’s very easygoing and sleeps soundly at night,” Ninh told Tuoi Tre News. “She still enjoys three meals of porridge daily and indulges in cakes and bird’s nest drinks before bedtime.”
“Despite her age, grandma’s mind remains sharp,” added Do Kim Thanh, Khong’s grandson. “Whenever her children and grandchildren visit, she is overjoyed and spends her days happily playing with them.”
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