Check out Yanjin, the world’s narrowest city

Check out Yanjin, the world’s narrowest cityCheck out Yanjin, the world’s narrowest city
via People’s Daily
A city in China is courting tourists for its unique geographical feature of being sandwiched between two large mountains along a narrow river.
Where it is: Yanjin County, home to some 450,000 people, is located in Yunnan province, southwestern China. Believed to be the world’s narrowest city, Yanjin is covered with buildings erected using stilt-like pillars to optimize space and counter flooding.
Situated on the banks of the Guanhe river, Yanjin measures 300 meters (984.2 feet) at its widest and 30 meters (98.4 feet) at its narrowest points. Guanhe stretches for two kilometers (1.24 miles) across the city.

How it thrives: Yanjin is populated with businesses such as shops and restaurants. It also relies on tourism, with officials hoping that media coverage would boost its volume of visitors.
Before modern times, Yanjin reportedly served as an important hub on the Silk Road, where many merchant ships carrying salt, copper and tea passed through. Due to its economically strategic location, some merchants decided to settle in the area.
What residents say: Yao Zhen from the Yanjin County People’s Government Office told Taiwanese news outlet PTS that people cannot get lost in the city as it has only one road that connects everything. One resident said their home has been around since their ancestors.
“Climbing stairs is good exercise, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else,” the resident said.
Another shared, “Our town is developing, and there are more and more customers, and my business is thriving.”
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