‘Lunch of suffering’: ‘White people food’ trends on Chinese social media

‘Lunch of suffering’: ‘White people food’ trends on Chinese social media‘Lunch of suffering’: ‘White people food’ trends on Chinese social media
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A “white people food” trend has been circulating on Chinese social media, with countless netizens either praising or criticizing the purported lack of complex flavors in traditional Western lunches.
The trend: The trend originated from Chinese international students who were surprised by their peers’ lunches, which consisted of cold sandwiches, plain vegetables, crackers and meat. 
The meals’ simplicity caught the attention of young Chinese workers who are embracing an attitude of doing less due to China’s hectic work culture. This attitude can be traced back to the country’s “lying flat” movement, a deliberate rejection of the notorious rat race among jaded youth.
Benefits of “white people food”: Several Chinese netizens have jumped on the trend to recreate Western meals. Some noted the benefits of a minimalist approach to making lunches, noting that the food takes less time to prepare. Additionally, vegetable-heavy meals can help one stay awake during the day as compared to Chinese food, which is traditionally packed with carbs. 
“Lunch of suffering:” However, many other netizens did not find the meals appetizing, noting that they lacked flavor and took away the joy of eating. 
“The point of the white people’s meal is to learn what it feels like to be dead, but I’ve taken two bites and it was so bad it made me realize how alive I am,” a Weibo user wrote along with a photo of plain crackers, cheese and ham.
“It’s so confusing and outrageous to eat, it’s so lawless and outrageous,” a blogger wrote, adding that “white people food” is the “lunch of suffering.”

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