What to expect from ‘Single’s Inferno’ as it heads into its fiery finale

What to expect from ‘Single’s Inferno’ as it heads into its fiery finaleWhat to expect from ‘Single’s Inferno’ as it heads into its fiery finale
Netflix’s South Korean competitive reality dating show “Single’s Inferno” is sizzling up as it nears its finale, expected to air this weekend.
Warning: Spoilers ahead for those who are not caught up on the show.
The popular Netflix show has lit up screens around the world, breaking into the streaming platform’s Top 10 most globally watched shows list on Monday.
After the mid-season inclusion of three additional cast members to the dating pool by Episode 5, a total of 12 attractive single men and women have been stranded on a deserted island for eight days and must use their natural charms to win over a fellow contestant in order to leave.
The show is hosted by actress Lee Da-hee, K-pop “Super Junior” member Cho Kyu-hyun, comedian Hong Jin-kyung and rapper Jung Han-hae, who serve as commentators for the kindling romances.
There’s a veil of secrecy all throughout the island as contestants are not allowed to use their phones and cannot reveal their ages or occupations. The single members are provided basic essentials like water, which they must trek to gather, and simple food ingredients, which they must use to cook their own meals. The contestants all sleep in a shared glamping setup with the rest of the contestants of the same gender. 
The only way out of the island is through a helicopter, which the  participants can only use if they find a mutual romantic match in order to temporarily fly off to “Paradise.” Those who leave the island with a match are able to spend a lavish night in a luxury hotel suite, where they are allowed a more intimate moment to ask each other questions as they eat steaks and drink. The caveat is that they cannot reveal what they’ve learned about the other person to anyone else on the island once they head back the next day.
While the competition has intensified over the course of the show’s first six episodes, it has not been revealed whether there will be a grand finale prize.
The final two episodes 7 and 8 will premiere this Saturday.
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