‘Warrior’ Season 3 to feature surprise guest tribute to Bruce Lee 50 years after his death

‘Warrior’ Season 3 to feature surprise guest tribute to Bruce Lee 50 years after his death‘Warrior’ Season 3 to feature surprise guest tribute to Bruce Lee 50 years after his death
After over two years of waiting, HBO Max — soon to be rebranded as “Max” — has finally released the first teaser trailer for the much-awaited “Warrior” Season 3.
Posted on Thursday, the teaser trailer reveals that “Warrior” Season 3, inspired by the writings of legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, will premiere on June 29.
The upcoming season will reportedly feature a mid-season special guest star who will pay tribute to Lee “in a unique and moving way,” series creator Jonathan Tropper teased to Deadline. Although the actor’s identity was not revealed, the surprise will reportedly serve as a way to honor the 50th anniversary of Lee’s death on July 20.
In “Warrior” Season 3, fans will witness Mai Ling (Dianne Doan) using her political connections to consolidate power and the aftermath of the race riot that turned San Francisco’s 19th-century Chinatown upside down.
The riot at the end of last season drastically changed the playing field in Chinatown, and when the new season begins, the tongs are fighting each other for scraps,” co-showrunner and executive producer Josh Stoddard told Deadline.
The upcoming season will also force the characters to take “new risks” and make “uneasy alliances” moving forward as the police impose “a slew of cruel new ordinances meant to punish the Chinese” in Chinatown, Stoddard added.
In the ensuing chaos following the race riot, Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji) must also tackle the dilemma of who he wants to become: a gangster or the “hero his people need him to be.”
After beating back the Irish during the climactic riot in Season 2, Ah Sahm has become something of a local legend, with a massive portrait hanging above the streets of Chinatown,” co-showrunner and executive producer Evan Endicott told Deadline.
Endicott added that besides Ah Sahm’s identity crisis amid the brutal police crackdown, he will also face battles on every front and choose the right path, which will carry “devastating consequences.”
Koji, 35, teased that Ah Sahm will be taking a “step further into his true self” when the story continues in “Warrior” Season 3.

Since coming off the boat and entering the world of San Francisco, Chinatown, Ah Sahm has been a great fighter, but not a true martial artist or Warrior. He’s like an early draft version of the icon of Bruce Lee— always too rough around the edges and immature to become the man he should be for the people that need him.

Without going into detail, Koji noted that Ah Sahm will have to face a “huge choice and a decision that is thrust upon him” next season, one that “has been coming to him for a long time and an important reason that shows him the way.”
HBO Max broke its silence in July 2022 when it finally announced that production for “Warrior” Season 3 had started.
The last time fans heard of any update for “Warrior” was in April 2021, when it was confirmed that an upcoming season was slated to premiere on HBO Max. The confirmation came months after the Season 2 finale was aired on Dec. 4, 2020.
Endicott noted to Deadline that production faced delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Check out the teaser trailer for “Warrior” Season 3 below:

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