Dangerous ‘snow spray’ trend has Korean TikTok users raising safety concerns 

Dangerous ‘snow spray’ trend has Korean TikTok users raising safety concerns Dangerous ‘snow spray’ trend has Korean TikTok users raising safety concerns 
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Korean TikTok users participating in a now-viral “snow spray” trend have been facing backlash as safety concerns from other users continue to rise.
The recent trend involves people purchasing snow spray, which is stored in aerosol cans, and then drawing a shape on a concrete floor before lighting it on fire. The result is a flaming shape that disappears within seconds.
Since the trend started off with shapes such as hearts, stars and circles, the flames were contained.
However, variations began to emerge, with some people putting snow spray directly onto their skin before lighting it up.
In one TikTok video, a man can be seen spraying a bicycle wheel with snow spray and lighting it on fire before another individual takes off on the bicycle.
In response to these dangerous variations, some TikTok users have left comments on the videos, expressing concerns about the trend and wondering if the people who participate in it should be considered arsonists. 
“I saw kids trying this at Han river, they must be crazy,” wrote one user.
“Fires are happening often because of the dry weather recently, but this is creating even more danger,” another user said.
The TikTok user who purportedly created the original trending clip — which has garnered over 488,000 views and 54,000 likes since it was posted on Wednesday — responded to some concerns under her own TikTok video, saying, “Please stop mentioning the lighter and flame, I borrowed the lighter from a friend’s parents. Also, if you do it in a safe place, it will not result in a fire so please only leave nice comments.”

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