Chinese Netizens Turn Trump And Clinton Debate Into Hilarious Karaoke Performance

Amid the serious and, at times, hostile tone of the 2nd US presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Sunday, netizens have noticed something peculiarly interesting in many of the photos that emerged: the candidates looked like they were performing a passionate duet. As expected, the internet decided to have a field day with it with hilarious karaoke memes.
Chinese netizens were the first to poke fun at the two candidates with the hashtag “Trump and Hillary sing love songs together” (in Chinese), which immediately began trending on Weibo after the debate.
Weibo users posted hilarious photos of Trump and Clinton appearing to be sing popular Chinese karaoke hits, most of which are classic ballads from Taiwan.
In typical karaoke duet fashion, Trump being the male singer has his lyrics in red, while Clinton has hers in blue, according to Quartz.
In one photo, Trump was shown singing the lyrics, “Do you know that my heart—,” and Clinton replied with, “Desires true love.”
Taiwan’s Apple Daily posted an edited video of the two debating singers singing the 2001 Taiwanese smash hit “Rooftop” by Jay Chou and Landy Wen.
Western netizens also created their own versions with the two candidates singing popular American tunes, most notably, “Dirty Dancing: (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life.”
Twitter users also have their take on the growing meme:
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If only the debates were really this majestic =p
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