Thai Salon Offers One-Time Experience for Customers to Get Serviced by Hunky Men

Thai Salon Offers One-Time Experience for Customers to Get Serviced by Hunky Men

May 8, 2018
A hair salon in Thailand just opened its second branch, and as part of its promotion, the shop offered customers a once in a lifetime chance to get their hair done and be pampered by incredibly hunky, topless male models.
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Sutteerak Hair Salon, which is located in Chanthanimit, Mueang Chanthaburi District, Thailand, just had a grand opening for their second branch on May 2, Wednesday. And to help promote the newly opened branch, they hired four models to entertain the customers – plus, they also gave out a 10% member discount that’s good for 1 year.
And by entertain we mean this:
Ladies, imagine walking into a salon with these four gentlemen waiting to escort you inside, like this scenario that they painted in their promotional ad.
They will also wash your hair.
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And blow you dry, all while being topless.
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Not exactly sure how they tried to cope with the cold air condition in the salon, though.
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Aside from being your hairdresser, they can also be your prince charming, carrying you like a princess as you take pictures with them.
Unfortunately, all of this was just a one-time, promotional gig for Sutteerak Hair Salon. But hey, at least a few lucky ladies get to have the chance to meet the hunky male models!
Restaurants, coffee shops, and other businesses using sexy models to promote their product or services is not exactly new to these industries.
Some of them worked perfectly, like the food stall in Taiwan that quadrupled its sale after hiring a female model, and a hot pot restaurant in China that went viral after doing a one-time promotion involving shirtless hunks and bikini models. Others, however, fail big time — like the coffee shop in Thailand after pushing the boundaries a bit too far.
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