‘Tekken 8’ director baffled by American fans’ request for Waffle House stage

‘Tekken 8’ director baffled by American fans’ request for Waffle House stage
via Katsuhiro Harada (left), @backendtechdev (right)
Ryan General
16 days ago
An online plea to create a Waffle House stage in ‘Tekken 8’ has caught the attention of series director Katsuhiro Harada.
Key points:
  • Waffle House has earned a reputation as a late-night hotspot for drunken customers and the brawls that sometimes ensue. 
  • As part of a viral meme, American gamers have been clamoring to add a stage in “Tekken 8” based on the restaurant chain.
  • Harada took to X to ask fans why a Waffle House stage was so heavily requested. “Ok, I will only ask once about this request,” he wrote. “Why do some communities send me requests for ‘Waffle House’? Please be sure to explain the basis for the request, including the original story, history and background. I look forward to an explanation from someone who knows more.”
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About Waffle House:
  • Waffle House is an iconic American diner chain founded in 1955, known for its 24/7 service and classic breakfast foods.
About “Tekken 8:”
  • “Tekken 8,” released earlier this year, is the latest installment in the long-running 3D fighting game franchise. The series is known for its diverse character roster, combo-heavy gameplay and visually stunning stages.
The details:
  • Responding to one X user, Harada sought “the original story, history, and background” behind the request.
  • Thousands replied, with many responses referencing Waffle House’s reputation as a magnet for drunken altercations, thus making it the perfect backdrop for a Tekken stage.
  • Among the responses were videos of brawls and GIFs of Waffle House employees deflecting violence.
  • To prove its iconic status, some cited the Waffle House Index, a measure FEMA uses to assess natural disaster severity.
  • After getting thousands of responses, Harada wrote back and thanked the fans for providing ample explanation. He then explained that trademark and licensing issues would make it impossible for the chain to appear in “Tekken 8.”
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