Taiwanese woman suffers severe burns after being doused with hot soup over $652 debt

Taiwanese woman suffers severe burns after being doused with hot soup over $652 debtTaiwanese woman suffers severe burns after being doused with hot soup over $652 debt
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A woman suffered severe burns after two people assaulted her at a karaoke lounge in Taiwan and poured scalding soup on her.
The incident reportedly occurred in Superstar KTV in Xitun District, Taichung, on Friday morning and was captured in a video that has since become widely shared online.
In the video, two women — Sun, 29, and Chen, 26 — can be seen brawling in a private room of the karaoke lounge.
Seconds later, a man joins in and starts pulling the hair of Sun, the woman wearing a white long-sleeve shirt, as she and Chen struggle on the floor.
The man then appears to try to pry Sun off of Chen, the woman wearing a gray shirt.
As Sun lies on the ground, the male assailant can be seen hitting her and kicking her head.
The altercation further escalates when Chen, who manages to break free from Sun’s grasp, suddenly grabs a hot pot of soup nearby and dumps its scalding contents on Sun’s head, burning part of her face and neck.
Chen can be seen assaulting Sun further by pulling her hair and hitting her head.
Taichung police reportedly responded to the incident shortly after receiving a call at around 4:20 a.m.
Three people were arrested, including Chen, the male assailant later identified as her brother and the man who allegedly filmed the attack, for aggravated harm and obstruction of freedom.
They were eventually released on bail, with Chen having the highest amount among the three at 300,000 New Taiwan dollars (approximately $9,790), according to reports.
In a video taken after the incident, which was shown by Taiwanese media, Sun can be seen surrounded by police while standing outside the karaoke lounge with blisters on her face.
A woman believed to be Chen can be heard telling Sun to take a urine test while standing outside the karaoke lounge.
Sun was eventually taken to the hospital, where she reportedly received treatment in the intensive care unit for serious burns.
The two women were good friends before their relationship turned sour after Sun borrowed money from Chen amounting to 20,000 New Taiwan dollars (approximately $652), according to reports.
Chen, who is purportedly pregnant, was supposed to meet Sun at the karaoke lounge to sort out the debt issue.
Leaked messages following the incident purportedly revealed that their dispute has been going on for some time now. Sun allegedly assaulted Chen first, which prompted her brother to get involved in the altercation.

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