Woman videoed going on racist rant on train in Australia

Woman videoed going on racist rant on train in AustraliaWoman videoed going on racist rant on train in Australia
A woman has been filmed going on a racist tirade against Asian commuters on a Sydney light rail, calling one of them “Mr. Chinaman.”
The incident occurred on the Dulwich Hill Line, somewhere between the Pyrmont Bay and Convention stops near the International Convention Centre, according to News.com.au.
A two-minute video of the incident, which was first posted on Reddit by a user claiming to have been the one recording, begins with the woman accusing one of the passengers of “stalking and threatening” her.
“Do not f*ck with me!” the woman yells at the seated passenger. “How dare you? Get off!”
The woman then turns her attention to the person filming the scene, calling them “Mr. Chinaman.”
“You too, Mr. Chinaman! Get off!” the woman screams, before citing an Australian billionaire. “You wanna follow me? You wanna talk to James Packer about it?”
The person behind the camera can be heard challenging the woman. In response, she tells them and others, “F*ck off! All of you! And I mean it.”
The woman then threatens to call the police and “the feds” if “anyone follows me ever again.”
“You think I’m scared?” she then asks the person filming. “Well, would you like me to talk about the tax and the real estate and what you’re not paying and what you’re doing here? Would you like me to tell everyone?”
The woman and the person filming continue to engage in more back-and-forth, with the former claiming that she actually knows the latter.
“You idiots,” she tells others. “You trust this man and his company? I doubt it.”
The video ends with her gesturing to another passenger.
“Go back to the North Shore, by the way. You. ‘Cause I contacted you,” she tells them.
When asked by a commenter what started the confrontation, the poster explained: “Well, she first suddenly start to shout at an Indian Australian white-collar next to me (not recorded), and then start to bully another fellow South Asian passenger, then she found I am recording.”
The video has drawn mixed reactions. Some slammed the woman as racist, while others speculated that she has a mental illness or was under the influence of drugs.
“Say nothing, do nothing, and never make eye contact. Sympathise but don’t refocus Karen on you! Deploy EarPods and doom scroll,” one user wrote.
Another user commented, “She does seem mentally unstable, I mean I have yet to meet an intelligent or mentally stable racist.”
“Mental illness is so incredibly confronting,” another user noted.
“OH SHUT UP METHANY! AND GO TO BED,” another user demanded, while another one said, “So many apologists here for this Karen. It’s disgusting.”
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