Bay Area Woman Brutally Attacked By Neighbor in Her Own Home

Bay Area Woman Brutally Attacked By Neighbor in Her Own HomeBay Area Woman Brutally Attacked By Neighbor in Her Own Home
Editor’s Note: This story has been updated with additional details from Sunnyvale PD and the victim.
A Bay Area woman is fearing for her safety after her neighbor in a Sunnyvale, CA mobile home community violently assaulted her and was released by police shortly after.
Facebook user Carolyn Bao first posted of the incident on Sunday April 19. 
In her caption, Bao revealed that the attack took place in a community near the intersection of the 101 and 237 freeways and claimed that the neighbor had invaded the victim’s property to assault her.
In subsequent updates on her post in the hours that followed, she reported that the man was detained by police and that she helped the victim, identified as Kai, get in contact with a lawyer. 
Image via Carolyn Bao
On Monday morning, Bao further revealed that the incident began when the man crossed into Kai’s property and began to paint her fence without permission. When the man was asked to stop, Bao claims he began to assault Kai. 
According to Bao, the man has had a history of aggressive and racist behavior towards Kai that has been reported to community management and the police three to four times over a period of years with no meaningful action taken. “This man has been aggressive towards her in the past few years. She had reported his aggressive behavior to local police and the management office of this mobile home community where she lives,” Bao wrote.
Josephine Zhao, a community member who is also helping the victim, spoke with NextShark to reveal the events leading up to the assault in greater detail. Zhao has been in contact with Kai while helping her translate details of the assault from Chinese.
The incident itself took place on Friday April 17 between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. Zhao revealed that the photos posted by Bao on Facebook were taken by Kai’s friend, who was helping her move out that day.
According to Kai via Zhao, the neighbor has had a history of violating her space by invading her property to cut her trees and plants, recording her without her consent, and harassing her for years. A few months ago, Kai had had enough and decided to sell her place and move out, however, her neighbor’s harassment only escalated from there.
Fearing for her safety, she moved out of her mobile home a month ago while waiting for her place to sell. On Friday, she and a friend went back to the property to check on the home.
Photo courtesy of Kai, Josephine Zhao
While she and her friend were present, Kai’s neighbor crossed into her property to stain her side of the fence without permission. When she confronted him, he struck her face on the nose with a paint brush. He then struck her multiple times on her head as she fell to the ground. The neighbor then walked away.
Kai claims that he struck her so hard she began to have memory lapses. Her friend who was present took pictures of the incident as they happened while she rushed to help her friend. The two called 911 and the police came to arrest the man.
Photo courtesy of Kai, Josephine Zhao
Kai’s friend then helped get her to the emergency room to tend to her injuries. In the days since the Friday attack, Kai claims she had fallen ill with a “burning headache” and only became well enough to see a doctor again on Monday.
The neighbor, however, returned home over the weekend, presumably out on bail.
Image via Carolyn Bao
Officer Williams of the Sunnyvale Police Department confirmed with NextShark that the man was initially arrested for battery. Additional details will be provided when available.
As of Monday morning, Kai fears for her life, according to Bao. Kai has most recently met with a doctor over her injuries as well as a lawyer with the hopes of obtaining a restraining order and to press charges, according to Zhao. 
This is a developing story.
Ernestine Siu contributed reporting.
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