After Losing His Best Friend, Man Commits His Life to Giving Old Dogs a Happy Home

Pet owners know too well the pain and grief of losing a beloved animal they loved and cared for.
After mourning the loss of his dog, Steve Greig felt it was ready for him to move forward with his life and provide a new pet with a loving home.
Grieg went down to the local animal shelter in Denver, Colorado to find a new dog.
He didn’t want to give just any dog a home, but the one who was the oldest and “least adoptable” that most other pet owners would usually pass on.
Greig, however, continued adopting until he was caring for 10 elderly shelter dogs.
He posts pictures of his animal tales on his Instagram account, which has nearly half a million fans. When asked why he adopts senior dogs, Greig wrote in his post:
“It’s hard to explain, but during just a normal part of your day when you look over and see an old dog, who at one time had all but given up on their life, and who is now confident, playful and completely happy, you see true beauty, your heart gulps and you relish the moment.”
Among his pets are Enoch, a senior wolfhound, Bikini, an oversized pig, Englebert, a tiny chihuahua, two ducks, pigeons, cats and some chickens.
Greig has a busy schedule and usually wakes up at 5 a.m. to prepare breakfast for his pets.
After that he fits his day with walks in the park, appointments with the veterinarian and playtime with the animals.
h/t: BoredPanda
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