Livestreamer who filmed Mumbai harassment calls out negative generalizations about India

Livestreamer who filmed Mumbai harassment calls out negative generalizations about IndiaLivestreamer who filmed Mumbai harassment calls out negative generalizations about India
​​A South Korean streamer is recounting her experience to the media after the t
The culprits were identified as Mobeen Chand Mohammad Shaikh and Mohammad Naqeeb Sadrealam Ansari, according to Mumbai Police.
Hyojeong Park, also known on the internet as Mhyochi, was livestreaming on Twitch while she was on her way back to her hotel in Khar at around 11:50 p.m. on Tuesday. In a clip from her livestream, one of the men can be heard shouting “I love you,” which she ignores.
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The man then grabs her arm and pulls her towards his motorbike. When Park tries to fend him off, he puts his arm around her neck and tries to kiss the streamer on her cheek.
“I was pretty shocked. I tried my best not to escalate the situation and tried to leave. But he grabbed my wrist and dragged me to his motorcycle,” Park told India Today.
She can be seen trying to walk away from the situation in the video, but the man and his friend follow her on the motorbike, asking for her phone number.
“Luckily, one of my viewers who was watching the livestreaming from nearby came out to help and saved me,” Park recalled.
In an interview with Republic World, she explained, “When people say no, you have to understand that as a no, but apparently, he didn’t at all.”
Park said she decided to speak out because of the victim blaming that sprung up during and after her livestream.
“There were some people who are putting blame on me, and the main reason why I said yes to all the interviews is to show it’s not my fault at all,” she said, to which one of the news anchors replied, “Absolutely.”
But the harrowing experience has not changed Park’s perception of India.
“It won’t change at all, actually. This is an unfortunate thing to happen, but I don’t want to put any blame on it’s because of India,” she explained. “This could have happened everywhere in the world, and I really hate people started to say, ‘Oh, because it’s India.’ No, it’s not. You guys are just judging India with a video of five minutes me being harassed.”
Officials from Khar police station said that officers became aware of the incident after seeing the clip on Twitter, according to PTI via Hindustan Times.
Police said Park refused to come to the station, but the streamer explains in her interview with Republic World that “I didn’t have the mental capacity to go to the police station right after because it was midnight. I was feeling terrible, and I don’t know how to create the case.”
An investigation into the incident is ongoing.
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