Indian netizens praise Korean man for wearing dhoti in viral video

Indian netizens praise Korean man for wearing dhoti in viral videoIndian netizens praise Korean man for wearing dhoti in viral video
via @baeyunsooo
A South Korean man has been receiving tons of love from Indian social media users after a video of him wearing traditional South Indian attire went viral on Instagram.
Going viral: “Video creator” @baeyunsooo uploaded the video to his Instagram on Feb. 20, which has already amassed over 2.1 million views and more than 311,000 likes from other users.
The 37-second viral video shows @baeyunsooo trying on a white dhoti with a gold border, partnered with a white kurta, a type of loose, collarless shirt or tunic, and an embroidered dupatta, a shawl-like scarf traditionally worn by women, draped over his shoulder to complete the look.
What he’s saying: In his post, the South Korean expressed his love for traditional Indian outfits by calling them all “beautiful.” He added, “That is why I love Indian Traditional fashion and I am trying to learn it.”
The Instagram content creator explained that his best friend’s parents sent him the “beautiful” dress from Tirupati, a city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.
About the clothing: Usually worn during special occasions, such as festivities, marriage or religious ceremonies, the dhoti is a sarong-type piece of clothing that can be fastened between a person’s legs to make it outwardly look like trousers.
One report suggested that dhoti has been in use as far back as the 5th century BCE (Before Common Era) and by the Indus Valley people, a Bronze Age civilization in the northwest region of South Asia, from 3,300 to 1,300 BCE.
What people are saying: Many Instagram users praised @baeyunsooo for how he dressed in the traditional attire, with one user commenting, “Indian boys don’t know how to wear dhoti meanwhile him.”
Some Indian Instagram users even claimed @baeyunsooo as one of them, with one user proclaiming in their comment, “I’m taking you to the Aadhar office. You’re Indian now.”
“Damn! I love the way you wore it,” another user wrote, “[You’re] officially a South Indian now.”
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