Singaporean woman buys Louis Vuitton bag, receives empty box

Singaporean woman buys Louis Vuitton bag, receives empty boxSingaporean woman buys Louis Vuitton bag, receives empty box
via @annapooty
A woman in Singapore was left in shock after realizing that the box of her recently purchased Louis Vuitton bag was empty.
TikTok user @annapooty shared her shocking first Louis Vuitton experience in a video uploaded on Sunday.
In the now-viral clip, which has already garnered over 249,009 views, the TikTok user shares that she spent 2,400 Singaporean dollars (approximately $1,770) on a bag at a Louis Vuitton store in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands.
In the clip’s onscreen text, the TikTok user claims that the Louis Vuitton store “even tried to gaslight” her after she called them about the incident. She also claims that the box she was given was already heavy, which is why she did not think about her purchase’s weight.
She shares that her “bag was only found after a police report was filed.”
In a subsequent post, she shows a picture of the document.
Her filed report says that she bought an Alma BB in Damier Ebene, which retails for 2,420 Singaporean dollars (approximately $1,785) on Louis Vuitton’s Singapore online store.
The TikTok user also claims she bought a Bagatelle from the same store worth 3,650 Singaporean dollars (approximately $2,690).
Following the incident, the woman shared another video showing her return to the Marina Bay Sands store to finally receive her new Louis Vuitton bag.
Some TikTok users were perplexed by what @annapooty experienced at the luxury retail store.
One user explained that it is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to show a customer their purchase before putting the item in a bag.
Did you buy it in person?” the user asked. “I work in retail so I know SOP is to show putting the goods in the box so you know it’s there before giving it to you.”
“When I purchase from LV, they always pack it right in front of me. An empty box and you didn’t feel anything?” another user asked.
Others disagreed in some of the comments, explaining that they are used to employees packing their purchases in the backroom.
“I’ve never had a bag packed in front of me but thankfully it’s always been there,” one user commented.
“Actually, for my last few purchases, they didn’t pack it in front of me,” another user wrote.
“They always pack your goods and settle your payment behind the door lol,” another user said.
Some users claimed that they have had experiences similar to that of @annapooty, with one TikTok user commenting, “I had this happen! Luckily they called me to tell me, I still had no idea!”
“I once bought boots in Coach, and when I came back home, it was totally different boots inside my box. I had to go back to the store, find [the] same lady that sold me the boots and I asked her why she gave me these boots if I never tried them on,” another user commented. “She apologized and gave the correct ones.”
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