Travel vlogger’s negative review of Singapore sparks online discussion

Travel vlogger’s negative review of Singapore sparks online discussionTravel vlogger’s negative review of Singapore sparks online discussion
via Instagram/@ninas_travels_
A viral, three-second negative review of Singapore as a tourist destination by a travel vlogger has sparked an online discussion about the city-state’s appeal.
Key points:
  • Digital creator Nina Gerhards, who goes by @ninas_travels_ on Instagram, shared a brief video on March 28 criticizing Singapore‘s lack of natural beauty, excessive development and expensive prices, including for food
  • Many social media users defended Singapore’s attractions, while others agreed with Gerhards’ points. Due to the criticism, Gerhards has turned off her comments section.  
The details:
  • In the three-second video of her at Merlion Park, she writes, “I would never travel again to… Singapore.”
  • “Singapore is a very clean country but for me it is not a beautiful country. For me personally, there is too much traffic [and] there are too much buildings. There is no vibe for me and I found it very boring there. The most boring country where I was. Everything ‘natural’ there is is not the real nature… It’s just all squashed there.” Gerhards captioned her post.
  • The vlogger also complained about the expensive food, saying, “It wasn’t even delicious for the price.” She then asked viewers, “What do you think about Singapore?” 
  • Gerhards’ post has since garnered more than 2.4 million views, with many netizens immediately criticizing her and defending the small country. “Girl went to a city-state and complained that there were not enough natural things. It’s a city,” one comment read.
  • While many praised Singapore’s food and cultural experiences, others concurred that it can be an expensive and artificial place to visit. One user said, “You can’t enjoy Singapore if you’re broke, basically,” while another said, “To be honest, it is one of those countries you only visit once.”
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