Simu Liu confesses he cheated on the ‘Marvel Diet’ because Asians just eat better

Simu Liu confesses he cheated on the ‘Marvel Diet’ because Asians just eat betterSimu Liu confesses he cheated on the ‘Marvel Diet’ because Asians just eat better
Simu Liu confessed in an exclusive interview that he didn’t stick to the “Marvel diet” during filming and that the food was better while working with an all-Asian cast.
The “Marvel diet”: Liu began training to get the “Marvel body” from the moment he was cast and spent six months practicing martial arts. He also did strength and conditioning workouts in order to be in good enough physical shape to survive the “grueling” ten months of shooting.
  • Since production shut down between March and July due to the pandemic, Liu stated there was a limbo period where he wasn’t sure if he was allowed to eat carbs or not.
  • “As the start up date kept getting pushed, I was like ‘ok, maybe I can loosen up a bit.’ Then all of a sudden, they said ‘we’re starting again’ and I had to get back into shape,” Liu told NextShark.
  • He and his co-star Ronny Chieng quickly became workout buddies once they learned production was starting up again. They worked out everyday with a trainer and then played basketball together for an hour and a half afterwards. Liu recalled that it was a fun time and that he has “nothing but great memories from the shoot.”
  • “I’m a big food guy. I’m outing myself as someone who didn’t follow their ‘Marvel diet’ as much as they should have. When you have chili crab with Michelle Yeoh on the table, you don’t say no to that.”
A “plethora of cuisine”: We asked Liu what is was like working with an all-Asian cast and the first thing he brought up were the food options.
  • “We seem to agree on food options a lot more than usual. Ronnie and Michelle, having roots in Malaysia, would take us out to this delicious chili crab [place]. I absolutely fell in love with chili crab,” he said.
  • According to Liu, the city of Sydney had a variety of different Asian food options including South Asian, Southeast Asian and East Asian delicacies. He noted that there was “such a plethora of cuisine and so much to celebrate.”
  • Liu also recalled eating “delicious seafood” with Tony Leung and referred to Yeoh and Leung as “incredible cinematic legends.”
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