Simu Liu’s assistant shows the reality of her job in viral TikTok

Simu Liu’s assistant shows the reality of her job in viral TikTokSimu Liu’s assistant shows the reality of her job in viral TikTok
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Sabeen Faheem, actor Simu Liu’s assistant, compared the expectations and reality of being a star’s assistant in a viral TikTok video.
On Feb. 8, Faheem (@thehijabibounder) uploaded a 20-second clip with the description: “What’s it like being an assistant to a superstar, expectations vs reality … tbh it’s more like all of it!”
In the video, Faheem first tackles people’s expectations of what it’s like being the Canadian actor’s assistant. 
“Got a photoshoot tomorrow so make sure the stylist is over at 5 and groomer is over at 6:30,” Liu states as Faheem trails behind while jotting down notes. As Liu reminds Faheem to send a package, the assistant confidently replies, “done and done.”
The video then cuts to what Faheem says is the reality of working as Liu’s assistant.
As Faheem films herself writing, Liu, who is shown sitting at a computer with a headset on, calls out: “Sabeen. Sabeen. Can I get a coffee please?” As Faheem presents Liu with his requested drink, it’s revealed that Liu is too immersed in a video game to look when he thanks her.
The comedic TikTok quickly went viral, gaining 2.3 million views and 434,800 likes as of this writing.
“Can I be the assistant to simu liu’s assistant,” one TikTok user asked.
“I laughed so loud thinking it was an INTENSE zoom call,” another commented. 
Liu also took time to comment on Faheem’s video: “Look Sabeen I’m trying to get out of bronze here.”
However, some of Liu’s fans seemed more excited about the game he plays in the clip, “Valorant.”
“SIMU LIU PLAYS VAL??,” one user commented, with another sharing their disbelief: “You’re telling me all this time I might have been on the same team with simu liu in valorant are you kidding me.”
100 Thieves, a gaming organization, also shared their love for Liu and “Valorant” by commenting, “Simu Liu casually playing Valorant … I love it.”
Fans can expect Liu’s return to screens on April 27 in the romantic comedy, “One True Loves,” which features a love triangle between the Marvel star, Phillipa Soo and Luke Bracey. 

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