Shanghai Celebrates Women’s Day By Opening a Sex Club Just for Women

Shanghai Celebrates Women’s Day By Opening a Sex Club Just for WomenShanghai Celebrates Women’s Day By Opening a Sex Club Just for Women
Shanghai celebrated International Women’s Day with a women-only event that gives attendees a place to comfortably explore their sexuality.
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After holding its inaugural Asian event in China’s biggest city, Skirt Club revealed how open-minded local women were about sex, according to South China Morning Post.
Genevieve LeJeune, the founder of the bisexual and bi-curious sex community, said she was blown away how receptive Shanghai was to Skirt Club.
“Hong Kong tries its hardest to be safe; I don’t believe it’s a place where sex is on the agenda, whereas Shanghai has that grit, an underbelly; it’s got an edge to it,” LeJeune was quoted as saying.

Hong Kong-raised LeJeune launched Skirt Club in London in 2014 and has since expanded to other venues in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Berlin, Vienna, Sydney, and now Shanghai, its first venture in Asia.
“I never expected what I’m encountering here, I’ve been absolutely blown away,” she was quoted as saying.
“Women openly talk about their sex lives with me on WeChat. They just want to talk to somebody and understand that the way they’re feeling is normal.
“Women are often discouraged from talking openly, so it’s a relief [for them] to find a group of people who have similar feelings. I’m giving women an outlet to be open and not to feel ashamed.”

A party revolves around a theme which dictates the event’s decor, topics for discussion, activities and dress code for the guests. Themes such as shibari (rope bondage), chocolate making, and burlesque dancing have been done in the past and have proved to be popular.
“We have a dominatrix theme where everyone’s wearing latex and a dom comes and does a spanking demonstration, which is usually quite interesting. There are always so many volunteers,” LeJeune added.

To participate, interested individuals must be at least 18 and have been approved by the club through an online registration. Participants are then required to adhere to “club etiquette” which includes a ban on filming, photography, and men.
Guests are expected to “be nice and be graceful” and discouraged to initiate “pushy and unwelcome advances.”
LeJeune noted that Skirt Club’s growing membership of 10,000 members composed of typically a “cisgender woman who has a male partner and is a high-flyer in her career.”
She noted however that joining their event “isn’t necessarily about the sex.”
“Women talk about searching for a place just for them, a sanctuary, where they can make their own decisions and not feel pressured. What they’re really saying is a place where there are no men, because, unfortunately, men put that pressure on women whether they realize it or not.”
Images via Instagram/skirtclub
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